The Foundation for Oklahoma State University Medical Center

(Foundation) is dedicated to improving the health status of Oklahomans by supporting Oklahoma State University Medical Center as it 1) trains the brightest and best osteopathic physicians and other health care professionals and 2) delivers exceptional health care to northeastern Oklahoma, helping to address the health-care disparities in the area.

The Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) charitable organization; its sole beneficiary is Oklahoma State University Medical Center (OSU Medical Center). When you contribute to the Foundation, you help change lives. Every gift, no matter what the amount, makes a meaningful difference in the life of another person. Contributions to the Foundation are eligible for a tax deduction.

The mission of the Foundation for Oklahoma State University Medical Center is to advance Osteopathic medical education, research and patient care by financially supporting the operation and continued growth of Oklahoma State University Medical Center.

When you contribute to the Foundation you make affordable health care accessible to your family, friends and neighbors. You also help ensure advanced technologies, facilities and other resources are readily available to provide medical care and train medical professionals. You can contribute several ways:

Cash Contributions

Several convenient options are available when you elect to give by cash:

Checks or money order may be mailed to the Foundation using the address below. Credit card contributions using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover can be made by calling the Foundation or using the online donation page.

Foundation for OSU Medical Center
744 W. 9th, Second Floor, Administration
Tulsa, OK 74127
918.599.5934 ~

Memorial/Tribute Gifts

You can give to recognize a special time in life, such as an anniversary, birthday, bar mitzvah, graduation or a personal loss. You can also honor loved ones and individuals, including employees at OSU Medical Center that provide your care. Because policy prohibits OSU Medical Center employees from accepting significant gifts, a tribute contribution in the employee’s name provides an opportunity for you to express your sentiments.

When you contribute a memorial/tribute gift, the Foundation shares your name with the honoree or family members, explaining a gift has been made and the reason why. You can opt to remain anonymous. The amount of the gift is never revealed to the honoree or family members.

Corporate Gifts

Corporations can make outright gifts to the Foundation. Employees of a corporation, and sometimes their spouses, can request that the corporation make a gift to the Foundation. The Foundation staff is available to help complete corporate request forms or give a presentation. Make the Foundation staff aware if your employer matches your contribution, so the appropriate forms can be completed, furthering your contribution.


Some organizations prefer to host a fundraiser and give the proceeds to the Foundation. We are happy to work with you, so you are aware of the proper use of our name and other important matters. The Foundation staff may be able to assist with your fundraiser and, if needed, arrange for a representative to attend your event.

Estate and Planned Gifts

Estate and planned gifts afford you the opportunity to care for your loved ones and your favorite charities, like OSU Medical Center. The Foundation offers free, confidential, no obligation planned giving services that help you identify the best financial tools to meet your personal and philanthropic needs.

Our planned giving specialist works with you, and if you desire, your allied professionals including attorneys, bankers and CPAs, to arrive at an estate plan tailored to meet your personal circumstances.

To confidentially discuss your goals and charitable interests, take advantage of our free, no obligation, planned giving program. No products are sold.


An endowment is a permanent fund generally invested in perpetuity. Many colleges and universities would not have survived for decades without their endowments. Endowments are being established by medical centers and hospitals to help sustain them, especially in hard, economic times. Board approval is required to establish an endowment.

An endowment’s principal, in most cases, is never spent; rather it earns interest or other income. The earnings are used by the Foundation for the purposes designated and agreed to by the donor.

Donors can contribute to an unrestricted endowment that helps sustain OSU Medical Center. For more information on endowments, contact the Foundation.

Noncash Gifts

Because OSU Medical Center cares for individuals with compromised health, it is best to contact the Foundation before making any noncash gift. New, unused items in original, sealed packages protect the health and safety of our patients. Patients consistently need personal garments and supplies:

  • onesies
  • blankets for newborns
  • adult sweat pants with elastic waist
  • adult sweat shirts and T-shirts
  • adult undergarments
  • adult socks
  • large digital scales

The Foundation can accept some gently-used, durable items. These items are given to patients of the OSU Medical Center. When considering this type of gift, contact the Foundation. The Foundation retains the right to decline donations.

  • walkers
  • canes
  • crutches
  • manual wheelchairs
  • family-friendly books


Volunteers are always welcome at OSU Medical Center; they generously give their time and talents in a variety of duties. When you join the Volunteer Program, you receive the satisfaction of helping others, gain life experience and make a difference in someone’s life, including your own.

Memorial benches honor and remember those who are near and dear to us and provide a restful place for patients and guests. Two benches honor former employees of OSU Medical Center. The Patricia Muirheid bench was given specifically as a resting place for individuals with disability. Benches provide guests with a comfortable place to relax and be at peace. Spaces for five more benches are available for those interested in observing an event or person.

Medical Education Department

Donations made it possible in 2012 to do much-needed renovations in the Medical Education Department. The objectives of the renovations were to promote a quality medical education experience and encourage social interaction, relaxation, healthy-lifestyles, and personal growth among medical residents and medical students.

The Medical Education Department is a fundamental component to OSU Medical Center’s success, allowing it to recruit and retain the brightest and best medical students and residents. Many of these students practice in Oklahoma after graduation, helping to relieve the State’s physician shortage.

Helping Your Family, Friends and Neighbors

Everyone needs medical care at least once in a lifetime, customarily during birth, an emergency or a debilitating illness. When you need care, you want quality, affordable health care, like that offered by OSU Medical Center. Contributions make medical care available and accessible to your family, friends and neighbors and especially to those with limited incomes.

Making a Meaningful Difference in Another Person’s Life

Duane K., a middle-aged man from Texas, stopped in Tulsa to visit his daughter while traveling to another state to make a new home. During his visit, he experienced some chest discomfort that he discounted, but his daughter did not. At her insistence, he went to the Emergency Department at OSU Medical Center. After a thorough assessment, he was admitted, and the medical intervention he received at OSU Medical Center saved his life. Because of the excellent, medical care he received, at discharge, he asked if he could return to OSU Medical Center rather than being referred to a physician in Texas or his new home state.

Donors are essential to our success in supporting OSU Medical Center. Their generous investments help OSU Medical Center provide quality, affordable medical care, especially to the underserved, and offer the best educational experience for the brightest and best medical
students and residents. People benefit because our donors value the work that OSU Medical Center performs. We can never say thank you enough to our donors. THANK YOU!

Fiscal Year 2015 Ending June 30th

Dr. Brian A. Allee
Karen and Bill Anderson
in memory of Mary Jewell
Anonymous (1)
Bonnie Armstrong
Joan B. Atkinson and Thomas Atkinson
Julia and Dr. Joseph J. Back
in memory of Mildred Burns
Claudia A. Barnes
in memory of Mildred Burns
Kenneth L. Brune
Dr. Kenneth E. Calabrese
Cardiology of Oklahoma, Inc.
Kim and Glen Cherry
Children's Medical Charities Association
Combined Federal Campaign
Teresa Cunningham
in memory of Mary Jewell
Danna Decker Ed.D.
in memory of Charlie Goddard
in memory of Larry Arnold
in memory of Sue Gentis
in memory of Dr. David Ronk
in memory of Clevanne Kirberger

Joanne Detamore
in memory of Mildred Burns
Dawn Duca
in memory of Mildred Burns
Janice Edmiston and Ceasar Williams
Dr. Hany Elsayed
Thelma J. and Jerry D. Fultz
in memory of Leroy Miller
Karen and Michael Funis
in memory of Mary Jewell
The Gelvin Foundation
Vicky Gregory, Doreen Goldstein and Karen
in memory of Mary Jewell
Charlotte and Gordy Guest
Lorene Cooper Hasbrouck Charitable Trust
Gordona Duca Heiliger and Larry Heiliger
in memory of Mildred Burns
Roxanne Jacobs
Linda and Darwin James
in memory of Mildred Burns
Steve Jewell
in memory of Mary Jewell
George Kaiser Family Foundation
Dr. Patrick Kelly
Dr. Walter F. Kempe
in memory of Joseph Keuchel, D.O.
in memory of George Prothro, M.D.

King Architectural Solutions, PLLC
Dr. Robert S. Lawson
Minko Design, LLC
Sandy and Larry Mocha
Megan and G. T Moody
in memory of Mary Jewell
Ruth K. Nelson and Tom Murphy
Ruth K. Nelson Revocable Trust
Renee F. Neuwald Foundation Fund
Investment Team, OSU Foundation
in memory of Mary Jewell
Coworkers of the Quality Department,
OSU Medical Center
in memory of Debbie Keller
Pediatric Healthcare Fund
Jackie & Bob Poe
Elizabeth Porterfield
in memory of Mary Jewell
Frances G. and Edward A. Ross
in memory of Mildred Burns
Beverly and Rick Schafer
in memory of Mary Jewell
in memory of Dr. Joseph Keuchel

in memory of David Dixon
in memory of Alfred Peacock, III

Meredith Schultz
in memory of Mary Jewell
Jan Slater
Pamela L. and Lyndon C. Taylor
in memory of Mary Jewell
David and Judy Tew
Tulsa Community Foundation
Bishop Donald O. Tyler, Sr.
Beverly and Larry Vogel
in memory of Mildred Burns
Aggie Wallick
Sherri Wise

Q. Is my contribution tax deductible?
A. Contributions to the Foundation are eligible for a tax deduction to the fullest extent allowed by law. The Foundation is a public charity qualified under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and donors are eligible to make tax deductible contributions as provided in Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation provides donors with an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) compliant receipt for every donation, regardless of the amount.
Q. When can I expect my receipt?
A. The Foundation will mail you a thank you letter and tax receipt within two working days from the time it receives your gift, unless you made your contributions online. Online gifts are receipted with a thank you letter almost immediately. All contributions, including noncash gifts, are acknowledged. If you experience a problem with your letter or tax receipt, contact the Foundation Director.
Phone: 918.599.5934
Q. Can I give anonymously?
A. Yes, you may donate anonymously, even if you make a memorial or tribute gift. The Foundation notifies the honoree that an anonymous was made. Public recognition is given by listing you among other donors as anonymous.
Q. How much of my contribution goes directly to the program, special interest or equipment I designated?
A. All (100%) of your gift goes towards the program, special interest or equipment that you designated.
Q. What happens if I do not designate my gift?
A. Your gift will go to the area of greatest need.
Q. Can I change my mind if I want to re-designate my money for another purpose?
A. You can change your designation. Changes should be done in writing. It is best to contact the Foundation as soon as you elect to change your designation, so your wishes are well-documented and approved by you.
Q. May I make monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual gifts?
A. You may contribute as frequently as you desire and at a level with which you are comfortable. Foundation staff can work with you on arranging a flexible giving schedule, automatically charging your credit card or mailing you notices at times tailored for your convenience.
Q. If I am interested in making a planned gift but am not quite ready to commit, what should I do?
A. The Foundation's free, confidential estate/planned giving services are a service that you use when you are ready, regardless of your income. It is a benefit available to those interested in protecting their loved ones and assets and helping their cherished, charitable causes, like OSU Medical Center. You do not have to be a prior donor, and people of all income levels can participate. No products are sold. Because one-half of the American population with children dies without a will, an investment in time to discuss your estate plans with a professional is a wise decision. The service and Foundation staff are available to assist you, even if you only want to explore the subject and never act. The intention of the service is to assist and never persist when there is a lack of interest.
Q. How can I request more information about the Foundation?
A. We are at your service and can be reached by phone or email.
Phone: 918.599.5934
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